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We Provide Training For Export Import Management,Documentation and Operation…

Knowledge For Export Import,Shipping Logistics,Custom Clearance,CHA,Freight Forwarding,International Marketing,Foreign Trade,Warehousing and Port Visit…

3.Foreign Trade Policy -I
4.Foreign Trade Policy -II
5.Export Firm
7.Basic Marketing
8.International Marketing
9.Thrust Areas and Markets
10.Export Correspondence
11.Export Pricing -I
12.Export Pricing -II
13.Export Pricing -III
14.Terms of Payments -I
15.Terms of Payments -II
16. Terms of Payments -III
17.Export Finance -I
18.Export Finance -II
19.FOREX (Foreign Exchange)
20. Participation in Trade Fair
21. Appointment of Business Agent
22. Packaging,Labeling & Marking
23. Export Inspection -I
24. Export Inspection -II & ISO

25. Export Contract
26. Export Risk Management -I
26. Export Risk Management -I
28. Export Risk Management -II
29.Export Risk Managment -III
30. Export Logistics
31. Import Management -I
32. Import Management -II
33. Import Management -III
34. Import Management -IV
35. Import Management -V
36. Import Management -VI
37. Export Incentives
38. Duty Drawbacks
39. Excise Exemption
40. Export Of Services
41. Trade Disputes
43. Export Documentation -I
44. Export Documentation -II
45. Export Documentation -III
46. Marketing Presentation
47. Product Presentation
48. Review

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