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Export-Import: Subject Introduction. Trade Statistics: India vis-à-vis World. International Trade Advices & Glossary of International Trade
Export Promotional Measures. Export Promotion Councils/ Commodity Boards. MAI (Market Access Initiative) & MDA (Marketing Development Assistance) for exporters. Export and Trading Houses. Deemed Export. Sez.
Internet & Web in international trade. TIPS on Domain Name, Key Words, Web designing, free listing & paid listing with B2B portals.
How to identify Export Product and how to find overseas market? How to find overseas buyers & how to communicate with them? How to use Export-Import Data Bank in Export-Import?
Formation of Export Firm / Co.: Important Tips. Importer-Exporter Code (IEC) Number. Get IEC Number yourself. We help you.
ITC (HS) Classification of Export-Import Items. Import Policy & Export Policy.
Standard Input-Output Norms (SION). Duty Exemption & Duty Remission Schemes. Advance License, DFIA, EPCG. Duty Drawback.
International Commercial Terms: INCOTERMS 2010. Terms of Delivery in international sale of goods. Rights & Obligations of Seller & Buyer in International Trade. EXW, FCA, FAS, FOB, CFR, CIF, CPT, CIP, DAT, DAP, DDP.
Packing and Labeling of Export Goods. International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code. International Packing Standards & Symbols. Shipping Marks and Numbers.
Export & Import of Samples-Free limits. Export & Import by Courier & Post. Sale on High Seas. VAT/ CST exemption on export. Income from export of goods & services & Income Tax.

Export Pricing and Costing: Export Pricing Worksheet.


Export Documents: Commercial Documents & Regulatory Documents.
Export Documentation: Performa Invoice, Invoice, Packing List, Bill of Exchange (Draft), shipping instructions to the CHA, Bill Collecting Instructions to the bank.
PSI – Pre-shipment Inspection of Export Goods by Inspection Agencies. SPS-Sanitary & Phyto Sanitary Inspection. ECI-Export Inspection Council of India & Mandatory inspection of notified commodities.
Factory Stuffing. Removal of excisable goods for export under bond without payment of duty: B-1 Bond, CT-1, UT-1, ARE-1. Procedure.
CHA-Customs House Agents & Shipping Agents. Filing of Shipping Bill at Sea Port/Air Port/ ICD/ CFS/Land Customs Stations. Appraisal, Valuation and Scale of Examination of export goods by Customs. Let Export Order and loading the cargo on the vessel/air craft. Shut Out & Short Shipments.
FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less than Container Load) Cargo. Sea & Air Freight Quotations. Working of Weight & Volume of shipment & space available in the container.

Export Finance: Pre-shipment & Post-shipment bank finance against confirmed orders / L.C. Foreign Exchange Forward Contracts. EXIM Bank of India – a facilitator for boosting exports of Indian origin goods in specified countries.
Manner of Receipt & Payment. Terms of Payment- Advance Payment, D.P. (Documents against payment), D.A. (Documents against acceptance), Consignment Export. Bill Collecting Bank’s role & URC-522. Bill of Exchange & Parties thereto. NOTING & PROTEST.
Letters of Credit. Parties to Letter of Credit. Their rights & responsibilities.
Letters of Credit: Irrevocable / Confirmed / Back to Back / Revolving / Transferable / Deferred Payment/ Stand by Letter of Credit. L/C in Free Format & SWIFT Format. Case Study of Sample of Letter of Credit.
Uniform Customs & Practice for Documentary Credits-UCP 600 (2007 Revision).
Letter of Credit- Study of 2 Case Law to better understand L/C provisions

Import of goods: Bill of Entry for Home Consumption / Warehousing & Transshipment. Un cleared Cargo, Auction & appropriation of sale proceeds-Method. Confiscation of imported goods by Customs. Redemption Fine & Penalty.
Customs Valuation of Imported Goods-Rules. Customs Tariff. Types of duties. Landing Cost. Import Pricing Worksheet. Study of Case Law.

Marine Risks & Marine Insurance Policy. Institute Cargo Clauses: I.C.C. A, B, C., War Clauses & Strike Clauses. Warehouse to Warehouse & All risks Policy. Marine losses/damages & Claims. Shipping/Insurance/Customs Survey.
Export of goods: Commercial & Political Risks. ECGC and its Credit Risks Insurance Policies. Live interaction with ECGC Branch Manager.
FEMA, 1999. RBI Rules governing export of goods and services. Participation in Trade/Exhibition, Opening/Hiring of warehouses abroad, EEFC Account, Forex facilities to resident Indian, Direct dispatch of documents to the consignee, Export Realization Period & Extension, Agency Commission, Trade Discount, Reduction in Invoice Value, Resale to alternate buyer, Overdue Export Bills, Write off of unrealized export bills, GR waiver by RBI.
Baggage Rules, 1998. Duty free allowances to incoming passengers. Export & Import of Foreign Currency / Indian Currency. Green Channel and Red Channel for customs clearance at International Air Port.